NSX VXLAN Logical Switch Replication mode

NSX VXLAN Logical Switch Replication Mode.

NSX controller is the central control point for all logical switches within a network and maintain information of all virtual machine, host, logical switch and VXLAN.

The controller support two new logical switch control plane mode.

1) Unicast
2) Hybrid

The replication mode tells NSX to manage BUM traffic which sent from virtual machine.

Multicast mode

  • Control plane operation is based on multicast flooding and learning.
  • BUM traffic replication is based on L2 and L3 multicast.
  • It require 1GMP and multicast routing.

Unicast Mode

  • Control Plane operation is based on NSX controller cluster.
  • BUM traffic replication is based on unicast . (One destination at a time)
  • Host depend on UTEP (unicast TAP) for replication for traffic on remote signal.

Hybrid Mode

  • Bum traffic replication based on unicast and L2 multicast. Local replication is offloaded to physical network. Remote replication is based on unicast.


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