Changing the FQDN of the vCenter appliance (VCSA)

This article states how to change the system name or the FQDN of the vCenter appliance 6.x

You may not find any way to change the FQDN from the vCenter GUI either from VAMI page of from webclient as the option to change the hostname always be greyed out.

Now the option left is from the command line of VCSA appliance.

Below steps will make it possible to change the FQDN of the VCSA from the command line.

  1. Access the VCSA from console or from Putty session.
  2. Login with root permission
  3. Use above command in the command prompt of VCSA : /opt/vmware/share/vami/vami_config_net
  4. Opt for option 3 (Hostname)
  5. Change the hostname to new name
  6. Reboot the VCSA appliance.
 After reboot you will be successfully manage to change the FQDN of the VCSA .

Note: Above step is unsupported by VMware and may impact your SSL certificate and face problem while logging to vSphere Web Client.

If you are using self-signed certificate, you can regenerate the certificate with the help of below KB 2112283 article.

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