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Quick view on NSX Multi-Tenancy

 NSX-T brings an evaluation into SDN space whether it's networking, security or even monitoring the environment. During its long journey starting from acquiring this product from Nicira Network by VMware to date, we have seen several enhancements evolving into this product. From NSX-V to NSX-T and now rebranded to NSX starting from version 4. x this product is all set on the customer expectation whether it's a startup or a multi-billion Fortune 500 organization. In this article, we will discuss one of NSX new offerings in NSX ver 4.1 which is NSX Project or multi-site tenancy. Before starting into this let's draft a hypothetical or fictitious scenario... In an organization called Virtualvmx, there were 3 tenancies: Alpha Beta Gama All the above 3 tenants have some compliance guidelines for their organization where one tenant should not expose its networking component inside NSX with other tenants like Layer 2 networking which includes segment, security policies, T1 routers