Total Logon Time metric display "No Data" in vRops for Horizon dashboard

Last week I was working with one of my customer who has recently upgraded their vRops environment to 6.7 version.  Their environment consist of  VDI environment running on VMware Horizon.

Here in vRops environment they have default Horizon dashboard as they have configured Horizon adapter for their VDI environment.

From some time we are getting issue into Horizon dashboard where they were not able to see Total Logon Time metric display where its display "No Data" as seen below

To resolve the issue of " No Data" there is a solution which works for me and recommended by VMware.

This issue identified when we not enable the time profiler. The logon time is calculated by 'First_idletime - logon_starttime'
The 'logon_starttime' is retrieved from DB and 'first_idletime' is retrieved from DA (Desktop agent).

Its because the DB is not consistent with DA. This will cause the "logon_startime" be smaller then 'first_idletime'. And the total_logon time will be negative. Adapter will drop this negative value, so this is were we cannot see this metric.

We can resolve this issue by two ways.

1) Sync the database clock (Horizon event database) with broker server (Horizon Connection server).
2) Enable timing profiler by running : "vdmadmin -I -timingProfiler -enable" in the connection server.

After applying the suggested suggestion, Total Logon Time matrix populated successfully.

Please find VMware KB article associated for this issue.

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