Oracle Linux VM unable to boot after P2V conversion.

Recently, I was having issue where I had decided to migrate one of my Oracle Linux machine which was running in HP Blade server to visualize and migrated through VMware converter.

Migration went successful and VM migrated successfully without any error but while powering on the Oracle Linux VM its failed with below error.

To resolve this issue I tried to boot the VM with Linix iso and run into rescue mode.

Please find below steps which I followed to boot the VM successfully.

1)     Mount the linux iso to the VM and boot it from CD
2)     At the first prompt, type linux rescue and press Enter.
3)     Change root to the mounted installation. Type chroot /mnt/sysimage and press Enter
4)     Type  ls /boot
5)     There you will see lots of initrd-xxxxx.EL.img files with different name.
6)     To verify the correct initrd-file used to /boot. Type cat /etc/grub.conf, and press Enter.
7)     From the location /etc/grub.conf I found there are two initrd files was there with the same name. From the initial error before traceback its shows the same fille where the boot stuck.
boot operation stuck with 2 same files and failed with "Pid:1, comm: switch_root Not tainted 2.6.39.-400.297.3.el5uek #1


8)     Rename one of the file with initrd-2.6.39-400.297.3.e15uek.img.old
9)     Rebuild the ramdisk. run the mkinitrd -v -f /boot/initrd-2.6.39-400.297.3.e15uek.img  2.6.39-400.297.3.e15

10)  Rebooted the VM and after that all the boot loader files successfully loaded and able to bring the Oracle Linux VM back.

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