Validation error on field ‘name’ String value has invalid format

After the upgrade there were many bits and peace which we need to look for after that and there are chances, that some of the might break during after the upgrade.

Same here I faced. I have VCD environment with 8.2 where I have upgraded my vCenter to 6.0 . 

After the upgrade, I was able to connect the VCD without any issue.

Now when I tried to create the vApp, create VM in VCD or making any changes into the Org VDC we were getting below error.

[2f8s242a-2d74-4f00-ad90-45b4d78098ee] validation error on field ‘name’ String value has invalid format


After investigation, I found the cause of this issue. In the properties of Org VCD & Provider VDC, in name section there was extra space/ white space was added which is not required. Here while trying to update.

That’s the reason, it’s prompting for the validation error in the field of ‘name’ string where its not able to read the proper name of the source.

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