A general controller error occurred. Connection refused while powering on virtual machine

Recently I had an issue where I was trying to power on a VM from vCenter but unable to power on.
While powering on getting below error.

A general controller error occurred. Connection refused.”

VCenter server which Im running is 6.0 and on appliance (VCSA).

Steps I follow to resolve the issue:

While investigation I found it’s a issue of Workflow manager service which was causing VM to start from vCenter. However, I was able to power on the VM from ESXi, which shows that the issue is not with VM or ESXi . It’s the issue with the services of workflow, which are not allowing VM to poweron from vCenter.

I tried below steps to verify the status of the VMware vCenter Workflow Manger service from VCSA.

1) Login to VCSA via Putty.
2) shell.set --enabled True
3) service-control --status vmware-vpx-workflow
Status of the services was showing stoped, So, I tried to start the service by using command.
service-control --start vmware-vpx-workflow.

I was getting error while starting the workflow services.

Now I tried to verify the disks space of VCSA by using df –vdf. Where I found that the space is about to 100% at /storage/logs disk. Removed the unwanted data from this location and make some space to breath.

Later I again try to start the vmware workflow services and its started successfully and by that VM from vCenter was able to poweron without any issue.

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