SSO Password reset process and lockout process

Basically there are 2 way to reset the SSO password

·      From Command line
·      VMware vSphere Web Client

·      If by any chance if your password got lock or want to change the SSO password then it would be difficult to revert back unless changing the policy of SSO Password. By default it will not allow to reuse any previous 5 passwords. 

·      To change the password policy from web client pls follow below mentioned step.
              1)      Login to Vmware vsphere web client
              2)      Click Home à Click Configuration à Select Policy à Password policy
              3)      Click Edit

·     Change the Users cannot reuse any previous password to 1
·     Click OK
·     Click on SSO Users and Groups
·     Click user “admin” à Right Click and select Edit settings and change the password
·     Again got to Password policy and  Change the Users cannot reuse any previous password to 5
·      Click OK
 (By default after 3 failed login attempt SSO password get lockout and as per SSO lockout policy it will unlock automatically in 900(s)  or 15 min) but still  if its not unlock then pls follow below mentioned steps.

           1)      Login to Vmware web Client
           2)      Click on SSO users and groups
           3)      Select Locked user (Mentioned on the top of the screen)

           4)      Right click the user and select unlock.

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